Cartimize – The Best WooCommerce Checkout Plugin Available In 2021?

Just before Christmas, I discovered a brand-new checkout solution for WooCommerce. It’s called Cartimize, and it has one of the boldest claims I’ve ever seen for a checkout plugin: Implement The Best WooCommerce Checkout UX and gain as much as a 35% increase in conversion rate, in under 5 minutes. I admit to initially being […]

Woo Custom Empty Price – Add your own call to action when your product has no price

Selling ‘offline’ products with WooCommerce One of the e-commerce websites I look after sells a lot of heavy-duty equipment that requires installation by a specialist. Because I have no price set on some of the products, I need to show a call to action instead. This is purely for the purpose of generating leads. Standard […]

WP Dev Flag – How to tell your WordPress Dev from your Production

Ever since I managed to switch all my websites to WordPress, I’ve greatly simplified my local development setup. I don’t need multiple vagrant boxes or docker machines anymore, so for the last 12 months or so, I’ve been running all my local WordPress sites on Local by Flywheel.

How To Customise Your WordPress Author URL – The super-easy way.

A friend of mine, Mike ( who blogs about old cameras amongst other things over at ) came to me with an annoying niggle about his WordPress blog. He showed me that his author pages had been indexed by Google, and if he did a, it was listing all his author profiles in […]